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 Green your home for winter and summer: Apply Low-E Window Tint film

SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. Ozone tint will reduce your carbon footprint impact today and reduce energy cost all year round.

Welcome to Ozone Tinting solutions, your window tinting specialists. With over thirty two years experience in supplying quality Commercial and Residential glass tinting products to Melbourne, Geelong and surrounding suburbs you can rely on the team at Ozone Tint to efficiently supply and install window tinting products tailored to your individual requirements. Ozone Tint solar films are the window tinting specialist for removal service for car, building and home tinting. Here at Ozone tint we are a fully insured Melbourne company and all installers are committed to all your window tinting needs. “Life time warranty”

Tinting Home Windows

SPF rating of 50+, Cancer Council approved window film delivers the highest protection available against the damaging suns UV rays. The film has patented technology and “Opti-View” clarity that decreases your risk of skin cancer as well as premature skin aging. At Ozone Tint we offer a large range of services including custom window tinting for your car, home, office or commercial business. Window tint removal service to remove old window tint as well as the fitting of specialised frosted, safety, security films and vandal resistant. Once installed on your car, house or office, well-fitted window tints provide a range of benefits, including increased privacy, reduced heating and cooling costs, prevent up to 83% of solar heat entering through the glass, cuts glare by up to 92%, stops up to 99% of UV rays, reduces the fading of interiors and minimizes injury from breakage. Anti-graffiti film and ultimate in security and safety.

Affordable House Window Tinting

Night Series Films

Low-reflective outlook, night and day, similar to clear glass. It also provides day time privacy glare reduction and UV protection. With such exceptionally low internal and external light reflection, Night Series films are designed for windows with city, parkland’s and water front views on Commercial and Residential buildings.

Safety Film

Ozone Tint team install safety  and security film resistant film. Made from a high quality polyester film, available in clear or tinted To resist an unwelcome intrusion and to protect you your family and your property. MSF or the safety film is bonded securely to the glass with a strong adhesive designed to absorb impact and resist shattering. You will benefit from decreased risk of injury from flying glass as broken shards of glass are held together, protection from severe weather and wind-borne debris and when confronted with a window fitted with Security Film, burglars and vandals are less likely to persevere. The Safety Film used by Ozone Tint meets AS/NZS2208 standards and is also used where blast protection is a requirement (GSA rated).

Vandal Resistant Anti Graffiti Film

To decrease the damage caused by vandals and graffiti Ozone Tint can fit your windows with Vandal Resistant Anti Graffiti Film. Applied as a crystal clear retro-fit film this film is suitable for interior and exterior surfaces such as glass, mirrors or stainless steel. It protects from the permanent and expensive damage caused by vandalism and graffiti without affecting appearance. The removal and replacement of Vandal Resistant Anti Graffiti Film is fast and simple, saves you time and money and can be used, in most cases, to reduce the visible signs of scratches in glass.

 Decorative & Frosted

We have a large range decorative glass films to give you that etched frosted opaque Obscure window look for glass great for front entrances and bathrooms. Ozone Tint window tinting for Melbourne and Geelong have a large range of coloured window tint also available to suit your needs

Cleaning  your window tint

Window tinting for your car, home or office, don’t use or touch the windows for the first 48 hours. Cleaning and looking after your window tint film is important not to clean windows for 30 days when doing so make sure you don’t use any abrasive products such as scouring pads, even some sponges can be too abrasive for certain window films. Don’t use any ammonia based products such as Windex Spray & Wipes Ozone Tint window tinting products, vehicle commercial or residential properties, are of the highest quality and are backed up with quality, life time  warranty on workmanship and material’s no-questions asked Brands used Mep films Suntek 3M Johnson’s For window tinting of the highest quality, contact the team at Ozone Tint today.