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Make Your Home Environmentally Safe in Summer and Winter by Applying Low-E Tint Film on Your Windows

Make the environment greener by applying Ozone Tint, which will help you to reduce the carbon mark effect today, and will help you SAVE energy and reduce the cost the entire year.

We open our doors and give you a warm welcome to Ozone Tint home window tinting in Melbourne. We are the window-tinting professionals in Melbourne. With an experience of more than thirty-two years, we offer superior and excellent quality Residential and Commercial window tinting products. We offer our services in Geelong, Melbourne and other surrounding suburbs.

Ozone Tint prides itself in providing their customers with speedy service by efficiently supplying and installing window tinting products, which are tailored to their individual requirements. At Ozone Tint, our specialists in Solar Films also provide removal services of window tinting for homes, buildings and cars. In home tinting Melbourne, our company is fully insured and all our house window tinting installers are dedicated in completing their work with quality, providing you with a “Life Time Warranty”.

Tinting Home Windows

With a 50+ SPF rating and approved from the Cancer Council, Ozone Tint delivers window films with high protection against the sun’s UV rays that can damage your windows. The film is made with “Optic-View” clearness and a patented technology that decreases the risk of early skin aging and skin cancer. At our shop, we deal in a wide variety of services, which include custom house window tinting, car window tinting and commercial window tinting. Along with all this, we also provide services in removing previous window tints and installation of specialized safe, frosted, vandal resistant and security films.

Tinting Home Windows

Once these tinted windows are installed, they provide a variety of benefits, which include reduced heating, increased privacy, 83% of the solar heat is prevented from entering the window, cuts shine up to 90%, 99% of the UV rays are stopped, injury from breakage is minimized and they protect the interior from fading. One of the most high in demand film is known as Anti-Graffiti film, which provides high safety and security.

Night Series Films

Similar to a clear glass giving a low reflective view, whether it is day or night, these films provide UV protection and privacy from glare reduction in the daytime. With an exceptionally low external and internal light reflection, these films are made for Residential and Commercial building windows having front view of the parklands, city and water.

Safety Film

In house window tinting Melbourne, our Ozone Tint crew will install the resistant film, a film that helps in security and safety. The resistant film is prepared from a polyester film, which is available in tinted or clear form. This helps to block unwelcomed visitors from intruding and protects your property and your family. Our Safety Film or the MSF bonds securely adhere to glass with the help of a strong bonding agent, which is designed to resist shattering and absorbs impacts.

This helps in decreasing injury as the broken flying glass shards stick together after an impact. Windows can be fitted with a Security Film that will keep the burglars out and the tints are for protection in severe weather conditions.  Meeting the AS/NZS2208 standards, our Safety Film at Ozone Tint can also be used where the chances of blast are more. The Safety Film is GSA rated.


Tinted Windows

Anti-Graffiti Film (Resists Vandalism)

To minimize the damage often caused by burglars, trespassers and graffiti, our team will fit an Anti-Graffiti Film with your windows. The film is fitted as a clear retrofit film, which is appropriate for exterior and interior planes such as stainless steel, mirrors, or glass. This film is a permanent protection from destruction caused by graffiti and vandalism without affecting the appearance. The process of removing this film is extremely simple and fast, and it also saves money and time, and in many cases, reduces the signs of scratch marks.

Frosted and Decorative

At Ozone Tint, in tinting home windows in Melbourne, we offer a large variety of attractive glass films, which will give your windows an etched frosted dense look, giving the window an obscure appearance. This kind of house window tinting looks great for bathrooms and front entrances. We have a wide range of coloured tints for windows, which will suit your requirements perfectly.

Cleaning Window Tint Tips

When you are deciding to clean your window tints, whether they are on the car, office or home, you need to follow the points mentioned below:-

  • In the first two days, do not touch the window when the tint is applied
  • Cleaning the window tint in the first 30 days is not necessary
  • Do not make use of abrasive sponges or scouring pads to clean the window
  • Avoid using Windex Wipes and Spray for cleaning the window, as it has ammonia in it

Affordable House Window Tinting

Ozone Tint products sold in home window tint in Melbourne for residential, vehicle or commercial properties, have very high quality, and all our products are backed with a lifetime warranty with excellent materials and workmanship. Brands such as Mep Films, 3M, Johnson’s and Suntek are used for high quality window tinting.

For further information on window tinting, contact now our team of professionals at Ozone Tint.